Mooreliving specializes in precast concrete technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing and today is recognized as a world leader in these fields for our precast construction systems and cutting-edge molding and forming systems.

Our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum, from smaller residential building to multi-million dollar projects. We have extensive experience in all forms of precast construction and specialize in residential, low-cost housing, transportable buildings, and remote construction projects.

With over 2 decades of proven precast construction and the continuous need to innovate has enable us to bring several major technological advancements to market. Our success is driven by more than just building some of the most advanced precast manufacturing facilities. More and more of our clients are turning to us for our distinctive ability to implement strategic project management techniques for their complex construction projects.

Mooreliving has an international presence, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, India and the UAE. We continue to expand our global presence, with offices and manufacturing facilities in multiple countries. Our teams of construction professionals can design a solution for all of your construction-related needs.

We support our clients from project inception, through the training and commissioning of their precast facility and the management of their future construction projects using our technology. Mooreliving believes that progress must be occur in balance with the environment and community welfare, both of which are a key part of the corporate vision.

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